CobraTrak Plus Review

CobraTrak Plus ReviewThe ultra reliable and the most used tracking unit throughout the world, Cobra have major deals with all the car manufactures putting in there very high quality tracking devices which are designed and engineered in Italy. You never get a faulty Cobra tracking unit due to the fact they are all tested before leaving the factory to make sure all the settings and battery backup voltage is correct. The CobraTrak offers advanced features and even webtracking if needed with an inbuilt motion sensor it knows if your car or van is being lifted or towed and will send an alert to the main Cobra tracking head office. Once an alert is triggered Cobra will contact you and ask if you know the vehicle is being moved without the ignition on. The CobraTrak unit is very small and has everything built within the main unit and it is fully waterproof in case it needs to be mounted in wet areas. The unit is very advanced including GPS jamming and GSM jamming technology on board to give you the best possible security. 

CobraTrak offers European tracking across many countries and doesn’t need special police cars or devices in order to track the vehicle, The Cobra head office will communicate with all police forces in all country’s which is a major benefit over many other tracking devices. The device has been awards Sold Secure Approved which is a major award for any security device to prove it’s effectiveness. The CobraTrak subscription starts from  £139 per year which is very affordable Thatcham Cat 6 tracking device.

Cobra 4138 Cat 1 Review

Cobra 4138 Thatcham Cat 1 ReviewThe world leading security brand Cobra has a fantastic Thatcham Cat 1 alarm that is very secure and well designed. The quality as always is very high and the parts are all built to last including the remote controls to arm and disarm the system, Cobra have always been known for a fantastic reliable alarm but very poor controls breaking very early due to everyday use. But your be very pleased to hear with the Cobra 4100 series of alarms Cobra went to the extremes and have made a remote control that is the strongest and most reliable remote the industry has ever seen. This alarm is now perfect and is the very best and perfected Thatcham Cat 1 that I enjoy installing. The Cobra alarms are classed as fit and forget in our industry due to the alarms never going faulty or any issues appearing at a later date. People who want the best and good OE quality choose Cobra for there vehicle.

If you have a soft top car Cobra offer the system with a microwave sensor which makes an invisible field within your vehicles interior and if it detects a large object like a person the alarm will trigger, this set up is perfect and you won’t get any false alarms due to wind. This systems don’t feature any kind of warn away tone but they offer add on sensors like glass break and tilt to protect your alloy wheels. When buying a Cobra 4138 you know the spares are going to be available for years and when buying from the largest Cobra dealer in Essex you can rest assured you have the very best back up at all times.

ScorpionTrack ST50 Review

logo-scorpion-trackThe Scorpion brand has been around for many years in the UK starting off with the first of the high spec alarm systems branded Scorpion after that they went onto making Sigma aimed at the main dealer market for new cars and they also made the Toad brand alongside this system, Toad was marketed extremely well and if you ever picked up a Max power magazine back in the day you would know there would be a full page advert offering the Toad AI606. As times have moved on and Car tracking is a huge new market to many companies Scorpion have designed a master piece in terms of engineering and quality and this system has taken the market by storm since release. It has won awards almost every year since release due to Scorpion offering outstanding customer care and after sales support after you have had the unit installed by an approved dealer. The Scorpion ST50 unit is fully Thatcham TRI Approved Cat 6 to make sure it is accepted by all major insurance companies in the UK.

The subscription cost is very low at only 130 per year meaning it is more affordable over most tracking units. The system has a user dashboard you can log into on your phone or desktop computer allowing you to access all your details and a printable Thathcam certificate along with a last known tracking report from the vehicle. This is great for many owners who worry about leaving there car and want to keep a check on it while they are away on holiday or working away from home. The device features a full on board battery meaning if the vehicle is attacked and the main battery is disconnect the ScorpionTrack battery becomes active and powers the tracking unit. It will also go into alert mode and send an alert straight to the Scorpion control center. Featuring GPS and GSM jamming unlike many other cheaper tracking systems you can be assured you are buying a high end tracking device for your pride and joy.



Clifford Intellistart Review


Clifford INTELLISTART 4 review

The Clifford Intellistart has provided many users hassle free remote starting from the comfort of your home or office, you can simply press one button on your Clifford G5 remote and the Intellistart will do the rest giving you the very best remote starting possible. What makes the Clifford system so secure? The Clifford system working alongside the Intellistart will always keep your car locked and alarmed even though the engine is running if in the event of a broken window or forced damaged to the vehicle the alarm will sound and the engine will cut out and the thief will not be able to restart the vehicle.

This system is also very advanced in terms of safety it will only auto start on the Clifford G5 button if you have an automatic vehicle, if you have a manual it has to be set up before leaving the vehicle, You have to press 2 buttons while you sitting in the vehicle with the engine running, you can then remove your ignition keys and the engine will continue to run once you have shut the door and armed the alarm the Intellistart knows the vehicle is not in gear the next time it remote starts. This is one of the only systems with this advanced level of safety.

Clifford have just released a module which plugs into the Clifford 650 MK2 and this allows the Viper smartstart to be directly linked in without having to upgrade the whole alarm for a Viper system. This means you can lock and unlock your doors along with remote starting you vehicle from you Iphone.  

Laserline 921T Thatcham Approved Cat 2 Review

Laserline 921T Thatcham

So your thinking why is this little immobiliser such a good bit of kit, Well let me tell you with the very small epoxy sealed imobiliser ECU it is very hard to attack. It can be secured by cable ties or screws depending on location and vehicle layout, The great part about the system is the immobiliser reciever can be hidden behind trims or carpet making it very hard for someone to randomly jump in your vehicle with your keys and simply start the vehicle. You need to make sure the immobiliser key is swiped slowly in the correct spot.

This device is fully Thatcham approved and it is also avaliable in the 24Volt vehicle range for that extra piece of mind for your HGV. The laserline 921T is made in Italy and it is made to a very high standard and the product is backed by there long warranty they give on all there products.

Sigma S30 Review

Sigma S30 Review

The Sigma S30 Thatcham Cat 1 is the leading alarm system that is fitted to the later type Subaru’s as standard due to Subaru wanting the very best security fitted to there vehicles the Sigma M30 was the older range system and the S30 replaced this model. The great part about this system is the immobiliser key pad which stops key theft you can steal the vehicle keys from there owner and unlock the car or van but you won’t be able to start it until you enter a 4 digit pin number.

The Sigma S30 is very easy to use with single push button fobs one button press opens the vehicle and one button press simply locks and alarms the vehicle. The system can also be programmed by the main keypad entry keyboard for simple programing and many other sensors can be added like tilt and motion sensors to give your vehicle that extra edge of security.

Why Are New Cars Easy To Steal?


So you have spent a large amount of money on a new car and you think because it’s a newer type vehicle it will have the best security system in the world? You are wrong… New vehicles 2005 onwards are some of the easy targets for everyday car theft in the UK, With cars using ECU digital technolgy in all vehicles now you can simply steal a car in no time at all. With a main dealer ECU coms tool which are avaliable to the pubic you can simply find a point which is easy to attack on the vehicle and access the two data wires and attach these to a ECU coms tool to allow the car to talk to the machine. Once this has taken place they can program new keys into your vehicle making the original immobiliser pointless this is how many new cars are taken everyday with next to no damage done to the vehicle, when immobiliser systems started getting installed years ago from 1996 they where a little more effective due to them being stand alone and many not talking to the cars ECU on the data network this means when programming a new key it was a little harder.

You will be pleased to hear you can still protect your newer vehicle with an advanced security system, Don’t start looking at brands and picking out the best one yourself without contacting us first due to not all the alarm systems we supply and install are not all designed to work on new cars. We have a large stock of data type alarms which are called the Can-Bus range and these are designed and programed to the exact vehicle for the best set up and you are assured you have the very best security system installed, Many alarm companies don’t understand which system is best for certain brands and models but rest assured we are specialists in our field.

Toad RK30 Keyless Entry Review


The Toad RK30 Keyless entry system gives you total control over your vehicles central door locking system. If you have central door locking fitted to your vehicle as standard but it works off the key you need to add this system to allow the remotes to control your door locking, Only certain vehicles require an extra motor in the drivers door to allow this to control the door locking. The RK30 offers long range arming and disarming and comes with a full 2 year warranty as standard to give you full piece of mind and control over your vehicle. This system can also be fitted to a vehicle with a Toad total closure module to also roll the windows up when locking the vehicle.

This system is not an alarm or immobiliser but it still features rolling code which means the code can’t be cloned to open the vehicles doors and offering anti hi jacking as standard, You can have the system programmed to lock the doors after a few seconds when turning the igntion on. Fully E marked and will last for years when fitted on to your vehicle.



Laser Line Can-Bus Alarm Review


The Laserline brand has been around for years it’s made in Italy so you can rest assured the quality remains high and the product is very reliable the same as any other on the market. The new Laserline 691T features the new compact battery back up siren for the most built up engine bays it still fits perfectly. This alarm will arm when you lock the vehicle with the original remote key and it will disarm when you unlock the vehicle with the original remote key. This alarm is designed for cars made after 2005> due to it reading the data commands from your vehicle. With the system running on Can-bus there is less wiring to connect but the installation is much more detailed in terms of programming and the extra’s that may need setting up.

With Laserline they feature a override key incase your original remote key fails or the battery goes flat you can simply unlock the car or van with the key and the alarm will sound, you take your override key and place it on the LED and the alarm will disarm and allow you to drive the vehicle away without any issues. The sensors that come with the alarm as standard will match most vehicle headlinings perfect due to them being white. They can be ordered in black if needed.

CobraTrak Fitted Essex


Cobra have done it again this year at the VEP 2013 awards winning the best award for the best tracking system this year, with the system being used by many car brands in the world it’s no suprise they are leading the way in terms of the very best vehicle protection actos 30 mg. The Cobra system also offers web tracking which can be viewed by your smartphone or desktop PC at an extra cost per year giving you all the infomation needed on your car or van’s location at any point. The Cobra tracking system is made in Italy and these systems are fit and forget due to them being so reliable.

Cobra have added anti jamming in these tracking units and they will trigger an alert once any tool or device is trying to jam the signal. Cobra headoffice will live track the vehicle and make sure its not an error in this case unlike other cheaper tracking units that don’t feature any anti jamming or detection at all. They have onboard battery sensing which means if the vehicles battery is disconnected in a theft attempt the trackers backup battery will kick in and work straight away. The unit features a tilt sensor which is inclosed within the main trackers ECU and will alert the tracking centre if the vehicle is lifted or towed away without the customer turning the ignition on first. You can still call in and report your car or van stolen if needed.