Meta Universal Plip and Can Alarm

Meta are quickly becoming the market leader in the UK for the most reliable, and affordable vehicle security. Meta provide many security sollutions which can’t be matched elsewhere such as the most advanced car alarm siren also featuring a built in GPS tracking system alongwith smartphone push alerts if the alarm is triggered. Meta have there standard Thatcham approved series of alarm systems and they also have a range of plip systems which are fitted to vehicles up to the year of 2005 in most cases. Even some vans today still use this type of system. And they have there manufature approved alarm system which works on the vehicles data network known as can-bus. These systems work perfectly alongside the original remote locking system on the vehicle meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking the doors will disarm the alarm.

This gives the customer a complete security system but it won’t effect the way you have to lock or unlock the vehicle. Meta System is the only alarm brand in the world that has a massive range of alarm approvals from the vehicle manufatures. No other alarm even comes close in terms of quality or reliability.


Pandora Car Alarms

Pandora have hit the UK with there industry leading product line. The UK hasn’t seen any new products in a while and now Pandora is setting the standard very high. The most popular system so far is the Pandora Light Pro giving excellent security and communication to the vehicles owner by an LCD remote control. This gives the owner infomation on the vehicle up to 1 mile away. Meaning you can rest assured when leaving your vehicle knowing it’s ok, the Pandora systems all work from the vehicles OE remote meaning you can lock and unlock your doors as normal.

The part that makes the Pandora system so secure is the immobiliser / ADR tag that sits on the vehicles keys. The alarm won’t turn off or allow the vehicle to start unless the card is within range of the vehicle ( This can be dictated via the smartphone app ) allowing the customer to shorten or extend the range.

The systems work on 868Mhz which stops the most common key cloning and key scanning the normal 433Mhz wave length suffers from. If you would like a Pandora Car Alarm fitted in Essex why not contact us on 07525 068291.

Ford OBD Port Immobilisation

Ford OBD ports are very common to be accessed by smashing the drivers front window glass or by picking the drivers door lock to gain entry. We can offer Ford OBD port immobilisation which means the OBD port won’t be accessable while the alarm system is armed. This means a thief won’t be able to clone a key into the vehicles ECU in order to steal the vehicle.

When the alarm system is disarmed you can still use the OBD port for diagnostics and remapping giving you total piece of mind. We would suggest having our OBD port immobilisation fitted with one of our industry leading alarm systems such as a Cobra or Pandora alarm system.

Cobra are the world leader in terms of quality and performance and most important of all relibality giving you total piece of mind.

Pandora are the future market leader in the most advanced alarm systems in the world offering excellent performance, remote start ability, dual zone proximity.

If you would like us to advise or guide you into buying the best alarm system for your budget / vehicle. Give us a call on 07525 068291.

Ford Custom Alarm Upgrade

The Ford Custom has been around since 2014 and any form of security is no where to be seen. The Ford Custom lacks security due to it being disarmed via the drivers door lock. A common method thieves use to gain entry into these vehicles is by twisting the drivers door lock to the left. This turns off the original horn or Thatcham alarm and allows the vehicles doors to unlock. This means your whole vehicle can be opened without making a sound.

Car Alarms Essex provides an excellent Cobra Thatcham approved alarm which works alongside the original Ford 3 button remote control but it WILL NOT disarm from the drivers door lock making it very secure. The only way to disarm the system is via the original Ford remote key or the emergancy pin override code.

This system protects all doors front, side and rear and the vehicles interior is protected by ultrasonic interior sensors giving complete piece of mind when leaving your Transit Custom. We install a loud 118DB battery back up siren which means if the siren is attacked it will keep sounding.

We supply and fit the Thatcham Approved Cobra alarm upgrade in Essex and all local areas. Call 07525 068291 to find out more.

Gemini ADR

Gemini have released an ADR alarm very simular to the Cobra 4600 series. The ADR card which sits on your vehicles key is a little more secure in the way it shuts down after 5 mins of no movement, this means there is no way the signal could be amplified or changed in order to trick the alarm to disarm. The Gemini is very universal due to it having an onboard full can-bus index meaning it can be programmed to many different vehicles made after 2005.

The alarm will arm and disarm from the original remote control meaning you lock the vehicle and the alarm will fully arm and unlocking will make the arm go into a pre-disarm state until the secure ADR card is in range. The alarm also features 1 touch key which allows the user of the vehicle to disarm the system in the event of the ADR card battery going flat.

The siren is very effective sounding at 118DB when triggered. The system also flashes indercators on alarm sounding for a visual warning.

Thatcham Security Going 2018

Thatcham are leaving the scene with regards to vehicle alarms and immobilisers in 2018. It has been kept quiet for the last year or so but the word on the street is Thatcham will be leaving the vehicle security side. The only thing that will remain is the stolen vehicle tracking approvals. There may ( Might ) be no factory alarm or immobilisers fitted in the UK once Thatcham has stopped accrediting the security products. In the USA very few cars have a factory immobiliser fitted as standard meaning car manufatures might not invest in any forms of security at all.

This is more than likely the reason Autowatch haven’t put the Ghost through any form of testing. Until the time comes next year it will be unknown if there will be a replacement for the Thatcham accredited products. There might be another body which will step in but it’s unknown at this current time.

Will this make a diffrence in the products we sell?

The answer is very simple, with car thieves running rings around factory vehicles with Thatcham Cat1 products fitted as standard. Customers are looking for something that will simply secure the vehicle. For example none of the Viper security systems are Thatcham approved in the UK or the Autowatch Ghost for example.

All the infomation is just simply talk within the trade, we can’t be held responsiable for any incorrect infomation.

Autowatch Ghost iPhone App

Why would you want to push the steering wheel control, window or dash buttons if your iPhone can simply do all the work! The Autowatch Ghost can be disarmed via your iphone if it’s running OS 10 or higer. The idea behind this concept is to get into the vehicle with your iphone. load the autowatch app and it will have a feature where you can active bluetooth and pair it via bluetooth. Once you enter the security pin number ( on the autowatch ghost welcome card )

The Autowatch Ghost will be paired to your iPhone, meaning every time you get into your vehicle and turn the igintion on it will instantly look to see if your smartphone is in range. If it is the vehicle will be allowed to start instantly. If the iPhone is not found or your phone battery is flat you can simply enter your pin number via the steering controls or door buttons ( as per normal ).

The Autowatch Ghost app is £9.99 to download from the Apple store and it’s nice and easy to set up and use. The app can be found to download here.

Autowatch Ghost

The Autowatch Ghost has become a big hit on the UK market. This is due to it not being the normal everyday immobiliser which is fitted. The system is very advanced due to it using can-bus infomation in order to stop the vehicle starting. If your unaware of Can-Bus and what it does on a vehicle… Can-Bus communicates to each module within your vehicle this can be infomation from the ignition switch, gear box, abs and ECU.

When the Ghost immobiliser is set ( normally 3-30 seconds ) when the ignition is turned off. The Ghost is active and protecting your vehicle, to disarm the immobiliser you simply get inside your vehicle and turn the ignition on, once it is on you enter your selected 3-20 digit pin code, this code is entered via the vehicles buttons such as cruise control or window switches in order to disarm the system.

We supply and fit the Autowatch Ghost all over the Essex area. If you would like to book call us on 07525 068291.

Gemini 5079T Immobiliser

Why is the Gemini 5079T Immobiliser such a universal immobiliser system? Well for a start it is dual voltage 12 and 24 volt meaning it can be fitted to a car, van, motorhome or lorry making it very flexiable. The system is a full Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser approved for all types of Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser installations.

The system also features two immobiliser cuts which are very high rated at 30 amps per cut meaning a fuel pump and starter motor cut are no issue for the Gemini immobiliser to handle.

The Gemini 5079T Immobiliser automaticly re-arms after turning the ignition off. The system features a small LED which flashes once every second when the system is armed. This gives a visual warning to say the system is secure, the touch keys are encripted meaning they can’t be cloned or bypassed.

New Thatcham Tracker Approval VTS

There is a new Thatcham approval that has just been released called VTS. This is only for the stolen vehicle tracking market. But it is very important to take note, after 2018 the Thatcham Cat 5 and Cat 6 approvals will no longer be avaliable on the UK market. You will only be able to buy VTS which is a new device and its a mixture of Thatcham cat 5 and Cat 6 devices together.

The VTS features some parts of a cat 5 and cat 6 tracker. The main diffrence is the driver recignition cards. These will come with every VTS unit. This will make the tracking market more secure, due to every tracker needing an ADR card to function correctly.

If you need a Thatcham tracker that meets the new approval you will require VTS giving you the very latest vehicle tracking and security. Look on our Car Trackers page to find out more.