Scorpion SA30 Review

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If your looking for a basic and effective alarm and immobiliser you should look no further than the Scorpion Sa30 alarm system. Not only is it the cheapest branded and good quality alarm system it also is very reliable. Coming with good security features such as ultrasonic sensors and an inbuilt shock sensor, the scorpion SA30 also features an extremely bright blue LED to warn a thief away before they attack your vehicle. Even though the system is basic it offers full on board locking relays meaning if your car has central locking as standard it will lock and unlock your doors.

The alarm has a very loud acoustic two tone siren which is  a full 120 db when sounding. The alarm also has an emergency pin override which can be used if the alarm remote controls are lost or the battery goes flat. This alarm uses the most advanced rolling code it is the same specification as a full Thatcham Cat 1. This system also features a boot release button which is common on many new vehicles. Were a electric button on the vehicles dashboard the alarm can be linked to this to give you remote unlocking of the boot. If you wish to leave a pet in the vehicle this is no issue for the Scorpion system you simply arm the alarm as normal and press an extra button on the remote to exclude the interior sensors within the vehicle. This gives you a fully alarmed vehicle but the interior will remain unarmed. With the nice and strong remotes you know they are built to last and give you a good service life.

You can also add extra’s to this system if you wish by simply hard wiring them in, you can add a Tilt sensor which will protect your alloy wheels, glass break which listens for the sound of breaking glass. The reason a glass break is an excellent add on is the alarm can be armed with pets inside the vehicle and the glass break sensor won’t trigger with pet movement. With a couple of sensors added on this alarm is very secure and it’s the perfect upgrade if your on a tight budget.


Ford Transit MK7 Thatcham Approved Alarm Upgrade

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If you have a Ford Transit you will know they are getting stolen and broken into daily. This is when we come into action with a Thatcham approved alarm system which is vehicle programmed with the Ford Transit profile in mind. The system we supply works perfectly with the original Blue Ford remote key fob giving a very sleek alarm installation. The cheaper alarm systems can be disarmed via the drivers door lock which is a major problem on the Transits due to the door lock being so weak against an attack. The door lock can normally be picked within 40 seconds and once they gain entry they can simply program a new key which takes no longer than 30 seconds. The alarm we fit can’t be disarmed via the drivers door lock giving you an instant alarm trigger once they pick the drivers door lock.

This system brings the Ford Transit up to having a full Thatcham Cat 1 alarm once installed. And the system protects all major area’s such as the front cab doors and rear/sliding doors along with the bonnet and the vehicles interior which is covered by colour matching ultrasonic sensors which look original and very nice within the Ford Transit’s interior. You won’t seen anything other than the small sensors and the small LED mounted on the switch blank within the cabin.

The siren is digitally linked to the main alarm ECU giving you complete protection against any forced attack on your alarm siren. When sounding the alarm siren is 118db loud at 1 meter giving you a good audible warning your vehicle is being broken into.

Difference between slam locks and deadlocks

Slam locks essex

When choosing an additional locking system for your van it’s worth while making sure you choose the right choice. Many people get confused over which type does what and how exactly they lock. It is very simple to understand to be honest. Deadlocks are a simple catch with a euro cylinder mounted in the door, these locks are only locked when you manually throw the key within the lock and to unlock you simply turn the key round in the euro cylinder. These locks are very similar to a deadbolt which is fitted on some front doors in your home. Busy tradesman only deadlock there vehicle at night when they need the additional security to protect there tools in most cases.

Slam locks are a very good idea and are mostly used by parcel delivery companies where they unload each parcel and slam the door each time and each and every time the door locks behind them meaning they will never forget to lock the door. The only risk to these products is leaving the keys in the vehicle and slamming the door behind you. This is why I would always suggest carrying a spare key on you. The slam locks can be bypassed from inside the vehicle if you get locked in meaning your safety is never at risk. 

24v Laserline Immobiliser Review

Laserline 24v Immobiliser

The non Thatcham approved immobiliser from Laserline suited to all 24 volt vehicles. This system is very secure with a solid sealed epoxy immobiliser relay. You are unable to bypass this device without following back every single wire in order to fully bypass the system and steal the vehicle. The most advanced part of this system is the hidden immobiliser disarm sensor you need to swipe your immobiliser fob over this hidden part to turn the system off. This system can be installed within your vehicle completely covert to give you extreme security. This means if if someone stole your keys they still wouldn’t be able to start the vehicle without knowing where to swipe the small fob.

This system isn’t Thatcham approved but it still have a solid ECU and all black wiring meaning it is exactly the same as a normal Thatcham Cat 2 device. Laserline has been on the market for many years providing excellent and reliable vehicle security.

Synergy iKey – Pay as you go Vehicle Tracking


You require a car tracking device but can’t afford or don’t want to spend the subscription money each year. We have a non insurance approved system that you simply track yourself by your smartphone or desktop PC. There are special apps designed for your smartphone which gives you location,door locking and remote start if your vehicle is compatible with these features. The unit is very small and can be hidden very well within the vehicle to give you the very best security. Most non insurance approved trackers are poor branded/made units from china but this unit has been proven in the field for very high reliability and the very latest technology to give you cutting edge vehicle tracking. The unit offers remote car or van immobilisation to stop the vehicle from starting, this is a very nice feature you can simply log onto your smartphone click on starter kill and the vehicle won’t be able to go anywhere.

Control your vehicle remotely via your Android®, Blackberry® or iPhone®
Locate your vehicle — Use the Locate tab to provide an instant Latitude/Longitude reference, plus a Google Maps link to the vehicle’s location in real time.
Receive alarm alerts from your original equipment or aftermarket alarm system.
Remotely lock & unlock your vehicle from any distance.
Remotely Immobilise your engine to provide additional vehicle security
Geo Fence your vehicle — alert given when your vehicle enters or exits a pre-set zone defined by the user in the Smartphone App settings.
Speed warning — alert given when the vehicle exceeds a set speed for a certain period of time, set within the Smartphone App settings.
Park & Find — Never lose your car again in the Airport or Shopping Centre. You can park your car, then the system will guide you back without any distress. In addition, the App provides you with a timer & alarm to avoid parking fines.
Please Note: The SIM Card balance feature within the App, is disabled in the UK and we do not currently offer a hardware version with remote start.
To Download the App, Please scan the appropriate QR Code below and enter 0000 for login, you will then be able to see some of the features and benefits of the system. When you purchase the product, you can easily configure the device to work with up to 3 seperate phones, please see the screen shots below for device configuration, shown in this example on an iPhone, the device also support Android and Blackberry Smartphones.

What Is A Tilt Sensor

Tilt SensorA Tilt Sensor is a very effective way to protect your vehicle from being jacked up or towed, The tilt sensor knows what position the vehicle is in when the alarm is armed, this means if your parked up on  a curb the tilt sensor will work the same as if the car was on flat level ground. You need to make sure the sensor is fitted correctly in the center of the vehicle for it to remain level and central within the car or van. If you have nice alloy wheels your car is a target and the slightest bit of jacking the vehicle up will fully trigger the alarm sounding the loud siren and in many cases the thief will simply run away. The other reason why many people want these sensors installed is in case the car is dragged or towed which is very common on high end cars and 4×4’s.

The tilt sensor is a low maintenance item which only needs testing once each year to ensure correct operation. The sensor uses a very small amount of power and uses no more than a dual zone proximity sensor, the Tilt Sensor is available from all major alarm brands such as Cobra, Toad and Clifford. This still gives you the choice of having a system you would like installed by a certain brand but it also allows you to upgrade the alarms features at a later date.


What Is Dual Zone Proximity

Dual Zone ProximityWondered why car alarms chirp or bleep when you walk past the windows? The owner has had a dual zone proximity sensor installed which sets an inner and outer field around the vehicle. The inner zone is set up to only sound the full alarm if a large object like a body enters the vehicle interior. And the outer zone is set up only to detect movement around the front side windows on your vehicle. The outer zone should be set up correct during the installation but sometimes the dual zone sensor settles down after a week or so and may need a very small adjustment, this is just a nature of the product. Always make sure you know where your installer has mounted the sensor for ease of use. When adjusting the sensor it is very important not to use the adjuster pot as a volume knob, only make very small adjustments arm the alarm and let the RF field settle for about 30 seconds then re test. Once a dual zone has been set up you shouldn’t need to ever touch it again.

One of the main flaws in having one of these sensors is the installer doesn’t know or understand what should and shouldn’t be done. A dual zone microwave proximity sensor should never be mounted under money coin trays this will cause the RF beam to scatter and it will lead to false alarms. Another very important part is making sure the sensor is mounted correctly. I have seen loads of these sensors throw into a dashboard and never work correctly. They need to be fixed correctly under the plastic center console or the roof lining. I always say there is no point in getting one of these sensors fitted unless you are going to get the alarm fitted correctly. Many customers think they have a good cheap alarm fitter, sorry to break the good news but specialist alarm fitters don’t come cheap. An alarm with a dual zone proximity needs an alarm engineer that has set these up many times before to give you the customer perfect results.

Glass Break Sensor Reviews

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-356 aligncenter” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”glass break” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Glass Break sensors are not an expensive alarm add on and can be very reliable and effective in your vehicle. We fit Glass break sensors for all the alarms we supply and fit and they help against car theft. The sensor itself needs to be set up correctly to make sure its not over sensitive and it will trigger to the sound of breaking glass. It is electronically programmed in the factory to listen to the sound of a glass crack and also a glass smashing sound.  An alarm can be perfectly set up with a glass break and with dual zone proximity this gives all around vehicle protection and the best part is the glass break sensor draws very little current. The glass breaking listening device is a tiny microphone and will sit neatly in the corner of your dashboard or on the a pillar.

I would not suggest having a glass break sensor on it’s own due to the car still being able to be jacked up and if the vehicle is attacked in such a way the door skin is pulled down to make entry the glass break won’t trigger. You need this sensor for extra piece of mind for your perfect vehicle security set up. 

Van Deadlock Reviews

Van Locks Essex

When looking for deadlocks for your van never just shop on price. There are many types of locks available in the van deadlock marketplace. Some locks are around £30 and some are priced at £150, The main difference between the pricing and the the product are quiet easily seen once you have the lock kit in front of you. The technique normally used to get round van deadlocks is to use a large bar against the locking catch to simply lift it past the locking plate with a lot of force. The advantage of using a high quality kit is the locking catch is longer and the metal plate is very strong thick steel that uses very strong rivets to secure it to the vehicles body work. When you look at the Thatcham range of deadlocks you will see the main difference in the euro cylinder with it being made a lot stronger to prevent lock snapping and with the flat key it provides more security in terms of lock picking the Thatcham range can take up to around 30 mins to lock pick.

Many people wonder why price varies so much in the van deadlock market and the reason for this is the quality of the product used and the quality of the installation, You normally find a customer with an older vehicle around 10 years old is not to fussed and have the cheaper locks fitted, But I have personally lost count with the amount of phone calls we have had due to a new vehicle having deadlocks done and 2-3 months down the road rust is dripping down  the body work and staining the paintwork. This is a very expensive fix and the customer only understands quality once the job has been re done correctly with a good product. We fully rust proof all the holes we make within the vehicle body to protect it against rust and water ingress. We fully warranty all the work we carry out on your vehicle.

Another important practice we carry out is cleaning all the swarf away from the body work where it has been drilled and cut. Many people normally don’t blow it away with an air gun and this causes a major rust specs on the body work shortly after installation. If you would like a high quality van deadlock installation in Essex please get it contact with us.  

Clifford 330X review

Clifford 330 X Fitted EssexThe Clifford 330X has been in development for many years to make a one of a kind security system which works on cars and vans and gives you security features like no other, coming as standard with the 6 tone revenger siren to grab peoples attention when your vehicles alarm is sounding. The system has the original bright blue LED which gives a very good visual warning that your vehicle is secure and protected by the best security system possible. Many people have known Clifford as the science of security and to this day they remember the brand from the car scene. This system is special because it isn’t your normal alarm that you arm and disarm because it works with your original vehicles remote control meaning you don’t have any remote control fobs to carry around with you. This is only designed to work with can-bus vehicles and this means the alarm only reads data and doesn’t send commands to your vehicle meaning you have a system that car work with any vehicle made after 2006 and not even know it’s been fitted due to it being so sleek in terms of installation.

When you lock your vehicle from your original fob you get the nice Clifford chirp and the only parts that are on display are the ultrasonic sensors and the LED. Fitted with a dual stage shock sensor any bangs or knocks to your car will warn away anyone before they cause major damage to your vehicle. Warn away has been proven to work and it has been a trademark registered by Directed. If you choose a good installer like us we can set up the alarm to your preferences including setting up a pin code which is unique to yourself.

Like other Clifford systems you can expand on the sensors like Tilt and dual zone proximity to give your vehicle the edge over many other devices on the market. Directed spend silly amounts of money on coding the software to make there alarms as sleek as possible. If you would like a Clifford 330 X system installed you should have it done by us due to us giving you a long warranty period and a very neat installation. You can’t beat the Clifford system in terms of integration and performance in the vehicle security market.