CobraTrak Fitted Essex


Cobra have done it again this year at the VEP 2013 awards winning the best award for the best tracking system this year, with the system being used by many car brands in the world it’s no suprise they are leading the way in terms of the very best vehicle protection actos 30 mg. The Cobra system also offers web tracking which can be viewed by your smartphone or desktop PC at an extra cost per year giving you all the infomation needed on your car or van’s location at any point. The Cobra tracking system is made in Italy and these systems are fit and forget due to them being so reliable.

Cobra have added anti jamming in these tracking units and they will trigger an alert once any tool or device is trying to jam the signal. Cobra headoffice will live track the vehicle and make sure its not an error in this case unlike other cheaper tracking units that don’t feature any anti jamming or detection at all. They have onboard battery sensing which means if the vehicles battery is disconnected in a theft attempt the trackers backup battery will kick in and work straight away. The unit features a tilt sensor which is inclosed within the main trackers ECU and will alert the tracking centre if the vehicle is lifted or towed away without the customer turning the ignition on first. You can still call in and report your car or van stolen if needed.

Smartrack Fitted Essex


The Smartrack protecter pro has been around for many years now and the smartrack brand is massive in the UK, Engineers pushed this brand when they first started off many years ago and it was a tiny company now they have redesigned all the units to make them smaller and to allow a faster installation time. These units are cheap and offer stolen vehicle tracking and your insurance will accept these systems as a fully approved tracking device.

Smartrack are very quick to alert you in the event of the vehicle being towed or an ignition alert if you have the key guard system fitted. This is great if you have a high end vehicle and you don’t want to carry a card around with you. You simply have a key fob with 4 digits and these must be entered before starting the vehicle otherwise you will have an alert at the call center.

The Smartrack Protecter pro, Key Guard and Fleet system is fully installed and fitted in Essex by our mobile installation service. The system is Thatcham Cat 6 approved and has won awards year after year around 21 in total.

Toad AI606 Review UK


The Toad AI606 Is simply proven in the UK as a stunning alarm system that will protect your car no matter what, With its very loud 120DB siren it can’t be beaten this AI606 model and the Clifford 650 MK2 are neck and neck in terms of features and quality. The Toad is known by many from the days of Fast Car and Redline mags which had this alarm in there every month with people saying how reliable this system really is. Has the design changed much over the years? The answer is yes there have been major improvements to the siren which was quiet large for some engine bays so they have now got an ultra compact siren but the best part is the sound and noise level remains the same.

The ultrasonic sensors are a much better secure design over the old rubber type which would crack after being in the vehicle for a high number of years. but the system is still the same other than them 2 small things, There is a saying if something works perfect why change it and this is what Toad have done for many years.

Motorhome Security Advice

MotorHome Security Advice

When buying a motorhome they are a very large investment most of these start from £38.000 and that is just for a base model, An alarm and immobiliser gives you total piece of mind when parking and leaving your second home, These alarms can also be armed when you are inside the vehicle at night giving the best security while your sleeping. Most motorhome security systems meet the Thatcham standard’s but also have extra sensors to protect the side entry door and extra reed contacts for side lockers where your items are stored. A PIR detection sensor can also be added to sense any movement and trigger the alarm, These sensors are normally wireless which means they have a small cell battery inside like a CR2032 these last for around 2 years depending on how much the sensor is triggered.

If the motorhome is stolen with the vehicles keys it is wise to have a stolen vehicle recovery tracker installed. These are Thatcham approved and may lower your insurance by a small amount each year, The advantage of having a tracking system installed is the police will know the location of the motorhome and recover the vehicle for you once the tracking headoffice have been alerted.

Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm Advice

Cat 1Thatcham Cat 1 alarms vary in price a huge amount this can be due to one system being better than the other or an alarm fitter pricing these systems very low in order to get work, You should always be aware when shopping for an alarm and immobiliser for your vehicle you do get what you pay for. Cheap Thatcham cat 1 alarm installations normally don’t meet Thatcham approval standards these systems need to be bolted or screwed down in the vehicle and they should be all the connections soldered in and looms to be run neatly alongside the original vehicle harness. You will also find the bonnet pin not being installed on most of these cheap installations which means the alarm don’t meet the Thatcham approval and your insurance certificate is pointless.

When having an alam fitted you should also be looking at what products the fitter supplies and what type of warranty and customer service do they offer, Most cheap alarm fitters can’t offer customer service and normally don’t answer there phone if there is a problem straight from the source. All of our alarms and immobilisers come with a full warranty and the customer service/ back up if you need us you might even need a new remote control fob programmed in and we can always offer our services.

Key points

Never shop on price for a Thatcham cat 1 alarm

If they are cheap 99% of the time it will be a mess and unreliable

A true alarm fitter will know how to fit the system without a tech sheet

Make sure you are buying a branded product

Check to make sure it has a long warranty


Car Tracking Advice

As the nation’s population grows, there has been recorded an increase in overall crime, especially robberies and thefts.  This is true for assaults on innocent pedestrians, especially at night, when they are at risk of being held at gunpoint or knifepoint and relieved of any valuables that they may be carrying with them.  There are also reports of increases in burglaries to homes and offices, forcing many people to install additional security features — alarms that alert a central monitoring location, or even more drastic measures, such as closed-circuit television cameras surrounding the premises.

Automobiles have long been a favourite target for thieves, as there is always a ready market for them both domestically, and increasingly, abroad. There, registration numbers and license plates can easily be replaced, and the original owner has little chance of ever finding the car again, let alone recovering it.  While one might think that more prestigious brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley would be at the top of any wish list, more popular and less exclusive brands such as Volkswagen, especially the generic Golf model, are also high on the list of reported car thefts.  This is probably because these less expensive, low-profile cars are easier to resell, especially in foreign markets, where potential replacement parts are more readily available.  However, regardless of the model, car thefts are on the rise, and car owners are looking for better ways to defend their prized possession.

While almost all cars today come equipped with at least a factory-installed car alarm, these can be easily disabled, so owners are increasingly looking at upgrading their security systems: either with devices that disable the engine, or for the ultimate in protection, a car tracking system.  These modern marvels utilize the latest in GPS technology, and if properly installed by experts, are completely hidden from view, so that potential thief won’t have any idea that this level of protection is present.  With these advanced systems, the car’s every movement can be immediately monitored via any computer connected to the Internet, or even smart phones. This allows for immediate feedback when one is not at home or at the office.  Because GPS technology works with a worldwide network of satellites, no matter where the car is taken, it can be located to within a few meters.  This makes the recovery of the automobile extremely easy to accomplish.

But there are also several additional benefits to installing a modern car tracking system.  For one, insurance companies recognize that the chance of loss due to theft is minimized, which reduces premiums on the automobile coverage.  It also allows one to document their travel itineraries and mileage, which can come in handy for business expense reports or tax returns.

When you decide to get serious about protecting your vehicle, be sure to contact the specialists at Car Alarms Essex.  They can provide you with expert advice, either by phone or by chatting with them online, advising you of the several options that they provide, including alarms and various solutions for car tracking.